Social Intelligence For Tele-Healthcare





There are three researchers on the SIFT project:

Boris de Ruyter (Project Leader), has more than 11 years of experience in heading international and multi-disciplinary research projects. After his graduation, Boris de Ruyter has worked as a research assistant in experimental psychology, at the University of Antwerp. Since 1994 he has been with Philips Research where he works on user-system interaction research. His research focuses on user modelling and psychometrics. Since the completion of the Home Lab at the Philips Research headquarters in Eindhoven, Boris has been playing a key role in user planning and managing testing activities taking place inside this facility. He is an author of multiple international publications and owns numerous patents. He was the co-chair of the European Symposium on Ambient Intelligence and is active in several program committees of scientific events such as the CHI, AVI and MobileHCI conferences. Since 2006 he has been appointed principal scientists and is coordinating the capability group "Cognitive & Behavioural Insights".

Peter Lutz (Research Fellow), Anthropologist and Marie Curie Research Fellow, User Experience Group, Philips Research Europe. Peter holds an MPhil (ABD) in sociocultural anthropology (Uppsala University) and an MA in visual anthropology (University of Manchester). Peter currently leads international ethnographic fieldwork initiatives to support future healthcare technology design, in particular 'smart' applications for aged care. Previous work experience includes anthropology for technology design (Microsoft), university teaching and research (media studies and anthropology) and documentary filmmaking. His theoretical interests include aging care, HCI design, material culture, science and technology studies (STS) and visual media.

William Green (Research Fellow), is a post-doctoral Marie Curie Research Fellow in the User Experiences Group at Philips Research Europe, Netherlands. He obtained his BSc in Ergonomics and PhD in Human Factors and Ergonomics (Loughborough University, UK). His research interests are broad and include human-computer interaction, systems ergonomics, and UCD methods, especially participatory design and evaluation. He has presented and published a number of papers in international conferences. His current research focus is the design and evaluation of interactive systems with 'social' characteristics.